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Say Hi Toy Inventors | Fun Consultants Dibs Toys Finding fun from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Toy Inventors

Sparking the joy of play, making kids wants to call "Dibs."

Fun Consultants

We're always making sure we find the fun in our products.

Multidisciplinary Designers

Our background is digital, but our language is fun no matter the medium.

Robot on the march to invent new toys

Toys that make you want to call "DIBS!"

Pre-K to 12

When the world is most magical and fantastical, we design toys that capture sparks of imagination and intense joy.

Board Games

Competitive or co-op, we know how to design a fun, tight experience that bring smiles.

A Digital Duo

With our background in video games, we know when to sprinkle in a little digital magic and when it doesn't make sense.